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As Your Property Manager I Pledge to…


Write ads in a creative, fair and truthful manner

Submit ads in a timely matter to minimize non-occupancy time

Bill for ads on monthly statement


Use a standard application form

Do a credit check from South Bend Credit Bureau

Confirm employment status and longevity

Do a search through the county courts to check for prior evictions.

Make sure landlord listed on application is actually property owner at

current address

Do a home visit to current residence if necessary

Obtain veternarian certification for any pets allowed on premises

Bill for all these services on detailed monthly statement


Use a standard lease.

Make sure that tenants know that the lease may override tenant’s rights.

Accommodate lease for special circumstances (such as pets or additional

security deposits) as necessary with permission of property owner

Sign lease as property manager and include my Indiana State Broker


Use notary services whenever necessary

Issue lead paint disclosure

Do intake walkthrough with tenant and sign intake disclosure

Rental Period

Respond to service calls within eight hour period

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly

Collect rents

Enforce bad check and late fees

Issue letters of reprimand

Handle any Code Enforcement issues

Periodic utility checks

End of Rental Agreement

Do outtake walkthrough with tenant and sign outtake disclosure.

Return security deposit within 45 days minus damage charges

Will invoice damage charges to owner & tenant


Will play any & all part of property manager in eviction proceedings

              (May be additional fee for court visits or filings)

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